Juliet Must Die

They killed her because she got in the way. But they should have made sure she was dead. Available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and Google Play books



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Book Description:

Readers familiar with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ know that Juliet dies in the end. But what if she didn’t? What if Juliet’s intelligence and innate abilities brought her to the attention of someone who could bring her back from beyond the grave?

This Juliet Capulet is no soppy teenager. Born with heightened mental acuity; she has a bright career ahead of her.

When Juliet meets Montague Stevens while on an island getaway, however, her life changes forever. Juliet and Montague’s newfound friendship infuriates his girlfriend, wealthy socialite Tera Paris.

Back in the states, feeling disrespected, Tera decides she won’t stand for it. Unaware, Juliet is targeted and attacked on a beach. She fights back, but her assailants shoot her multiple times and dump her lifeless body in the ocean.

Juliet awakens in a mysterious facility run by a shadowy organization. They’ve been watching Juliet over time and believe she could make an excellent operative. As Juliet becomes familiar with the agency’s espionage work, she learns something shocking: the procedure that brought her back to life left her with unusual abilities.

Can she harness these new powers to exact her revenge, accepting her heroic fate—and the sacrifices it will demand?